2014-08-21 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: Rights of War

Here are the Rights of War. Click for PDF!

AW:Dark Age: Rights of War

Questions, comments, observations welcome!

1. On 2014-08-21, Vincent said:

Oh, and playtesting hasn't started yet, but if you'd like to register anyway, sign up here with your email address:


2. On 2014-08-21, E_FD said:

Minor point, but "you have the right to roll your company?s War. On 10+, mark 4." is followed by only 3 spots for marks.


3. On 2014-08-21, MichaelPrescott said:

Looks great.



4. On 2014-08-21, The_Tim said:

Very interesting. I like the general rights in domains, it seems like a good balance between everything walled in to specific Playbooks and a totally open menu of advancements.


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GS go "Quite agree"*

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5. On 2014-08-22, Josh W said:

"Rolling your companies war", interesting, reminds me of reign.

Don't really like "you have the right to wage war as you like" being the last option, (it's so much more impactful than those surrounding it that it's almost like a punchline there, with the expectation that you will read the whole list rather than dip in and out) although I suspect that the absence of rights will not be their negation, but a grey area. Anyway, that's a consequence of the gradient of interest more than the final result.

I like the idea of players having access to sets of moves in common, allows player level arms races to develop, where those fighting become more alike over time, which is probably a bigger idea; common move sets for those areas that will cause players to have direct antagonistic relationships, separated moves for those areas that will encourage players to work together.


6. On 2014-08-22, DWeird said:

So, at character creation, when the Troll Slayer or other characters get to pick four rights, the player can pick rights from any of the lists on the table? Is this correct?

Or is this a list of something that is available to everyone, all the time (specials excluded)?


7. On 2014-08-22, Max said:

It looks like the PCs will not have every move at their own sheet anymore.
Question: Does every player have all rights pages or are those sheets shared with the table? Especially will those rights be exclusive or can multiple PCs have the same right?


8. On 2014-08-22, Vincent said:

Josh W: They're roughly alphabetical. "Wage" puts it at the end of the list, by pure coincidence.

But, I don't really get what your concern is! If you will, hold off until you've seen the rest, and if it still stands, bring it up again?

DWeird: During character creation, choose 4 of the 8 that appear on your playbook.

During character advancement, when you get a new right of War, choose from this list (specials included).

When you create a new playbook, you can use this list too (specials excluded).

Max: Multiple PCs can have the same right, sure.

When you get a new right, if it's short, adding it to your sheet is easy, but if it's long, you'll have to either copy over the whole thing or else refer to it somehow. Apocalypse World has this same problem.


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VB go "I hope it won't come to cards!"*
PC go "because..."*
VB go "we've tried putting moves on cards..."*
PC go "cool"*
JMW go "No prob, holding on."

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9. On 2014-08-22, Vincent said:

E_FD, Michael Prescott: Corrected, thank you!

I don't believe that I've ever yet voluntarily spelled "liege" correctly.


10. On 2014-08-22, Lord Lance said:

You could prepare "move cards" for each move. A player can keep the cards/moves that he owns with his character playbook, ready to play and refer to.
Something like the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition talent/action cards.
A nice ancillary PDF ready to be printed :D


11. On 2014-08-22, Andy said:

Is it just a typo that not all of them are phrased as "you have the right to"? Such as "when you judge someone strong or weak".


12. On 2014-08-22, Vincent said:

Andy: Yes! That one should say " have the right to treat it as..."

Fixed, thanks. Any others you see?


13. On 2014-08-22, Joao said:

In the same right, "when you judge someone strong or weak" when you refer to "taking their measure" don't you mean "size them up"?


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14. On 2014-08-22, Addison said:

I'm curious to see the wording for "size someone up".  Several rights we've seen so far let you do that move in special circumstances, but in each case the circumstances sound like a reasonable description of how you would size someone up—"provoke a troll to see what it does", "draw out your enemy".  Otherwise, am I only sizing someone up if I am directly looking at them?  Is a troll not a "someone"?  Is an enemy force not a "someone"?

"Judge someone strong or weak" has more teeth to it, especially since it allows Strong to be swapped for Bold.


15. On 2014-08-22, Vincent said:

Addison: A legit concern, and a relic of how the stats turned out (both the Troll-killer and the Castellan have high Wary). Whether those rights survive intact, we'll see!


16. On 2014-08-23, Rob Deobald said:

I wish the "at the beginning of session" move gave more indication of what it represents in the fiction.


17. On 2014-08-23, Tim Ralphs said:

Does "give an order or warning" work on PCs as well?

I do sort of miss each move having a name.


18. On 2014-09-01, David Berg said:

I really like "give an order or warning"—a success poses a hard choice to the recipient (indicating, to me, that the order has been delivered with convincing forcefulness), while a miss allows the recipient to ignore you (indicating that you haven't convinced them that they can't get away with ignoring you).

I would have no problem if this move were used on my PC, because a success doesn't necessarily mind-control me; rather, I can take it as giving me more info on the situation (commander seems deadly serious and the situation seems to support him in backing it up).  That interpretation is key, though.  Without the fictional links being filled in, going directly from "10+" to "pick one of these 3 responses" would be unpleasant.

The filling-in seems easy to me now that I've thought about it, but perhaps some orientation in the text might be nice.

All that aside, it's neat to see the kind of thing the MC is doing to the players all the time—pressing them with badness and things they can't ignore—turned into a concrete procedure which players can invoke.  It kind of makes me wonder what it'd be like to MC using such moves—might be good for players who prefer finite options to open-endedness.


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VB go "+1"

19. On 2014-09-02, Vincent said:

Tim: I hope that I don't have to name all the rights, but it might come to that. We'll see.

Yes, giving an order or warning works on PCs too.


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