2014-09-29 : AW:Dark Age: Conclusions from the First Playtest

Over in the Ecretsay Orumfay, I've posted my conclusions from the first playtest.

I'm not drawing the playtest to a close yet, so if you'd still like to give the game a try, you may. But I'm no longer actively seeking playtesting.

Thanks, everybody! The way forward is clear, though the ultimate outcome is not.

1. On 2014-09-30, Seanna M. said:

I'm definitely going to keep running my game because I'm having a lot of fun!

Are you going to run a second playtest with new rules you think? Any time soon?

Please elaborate "People didn't get what it was about". I know its kind of a tricky subject but its really interesting for me design wise.


2. On 2014-10-05, Vincent said:

You always ask me questions that are hard to answer!

Apocalypse World, basically nobody says "we didn't really get what this game is about." Too many people have said this about the Dark Age. When they've tried to play anyway, they've had trouble with different parts of the design - often the rights, but not always; sometimes the peoples.

My theory for why this is, is hard for me to explain in words. Something like, the game's approach is currently too oblique to what I find riveting in the genre. The implicit missile of the design hits people who are accidentally primed for it, and glances unnoticed off of everyone else.


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