2014-09-01 : AW:Dark Age First Playtest

The first playtest document for the Dark Age is ready and available. To get it, log in or sign up at

I can answer general questions here, but Meg and I would like to conduct the bulk of the playtesting on G+ and over at the Ecretsay Orumfay. Whichever you prefer, we'll see you there!

1. On 2014-09-01, Per said:

I signed up at that link a while ago - will I get an email, or how does it work?


2. On 2014-09-01, Vincent said:

Go back and log in. The download link is there!


direct link

This makes...
Per go "Got it!"

3. On 2014-09-01, spigot said:

All I'm getting in this first look zip is 5 playbooks and the core rules. Should there be more on peoples, mass combat and so on or is that normal? Looking groovy either way! This especially is fantastic:

"When you use something on your character sheet, mark it for experience."


4. On 2014-09-01, Vincent said:

Spigot: You're looking at the wrong files! Ignore those. Find the zip file that says playtest in the filename.


direct link

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spigot go "Shit! I knew something felt off. Thanks!"
VB go "no sweat!"

5. On 2014-09-01, nerdwerds said:

Where should we direct questions? on the ecretsay orumfay?


6. On 2014-09-02, DWeird said:

How much do you care about names? I only know 'Baltic' and only as a native, not as a scholar, but there's a flurry of interesting issues, from technical in how our alphabeth is slightly different from an English one, or how some of the names are actually french or german or greek or slavic or etc., or questions of identity - some of these names are baltic versions of common latin names, i.e., ones that (pseudo-)christians would have, whereas others are in fact names of pagan gods or goddesses, which would likely be a big deal at the period the game is set in.


7. On 2014-09-02, Meguey said:

*nerdwerds* Ecretsay ormufay is good, or on G+.

*DWeird* I'd like the name lists to be solid. I do want to stick with English letters, but yeah, if you have feedback there, it's as welcome as anywhere else! My guiding principal in regard to name lists in Dark Age is "believable, not offensive, aim for a balance of simple and more complex, aim for a balance of pre-Christian and post- but weight slightly toward pre, occasional familiar variants (Ian, Ivan, Jan)and names that have come through to modern times intact(Roxanne, Erik, Rachel) are good"


8. On 2014-09-02, Vincent said:

The name lists that Meguey made are much more thoughtful than the ones I made.


direct link

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MB go ":)"

9. On 2014-09-04, Ross Cowman said:

this is really exciting. We had a couple of great one shots of the previous version here in olympia. I'm excited to try a longer form game with the new set. I would love to be able to give you good playtest feedback. What are your design goals for this game?


10. On 2014-09-05, Vincent said:

Ross: It's an interesting question about design goals. My design goals are in the text. They're not under the heading "design goals," but you'll probably spot them anyway.

The playtest feedback I'm looking for is (a) what people do with the text as it is, and (b) what questions people have about how to play.



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ER go ""Spot the design goal" is a meta-game we can play with VB's texts ;-)"

11. On 2014-09-05, Grysar said:

I'm really excited to try this out. As a political scientist, I'm really interested in some of the ways you're playing with legitimacy, starting with the last playtest. The Dark Ages aren't really my period, but they're a fine time to examine those themes. Moreover, I think a PbtA game with their emphasis on interaction between players will be a fun way to examine them in practice.

In short, I game for weird reasons and this is really relevant to my interests.


12. On 2014-09-10, Nomadzophiel said:

Reading over things at the orumfay, it seems like there's some setting info that's not in the current playtest download. I see discussions of the Empire and the Bloodless God but there's nothing more than a line here and there in the current stuff. Is there a link to the setting detail as it currently exists?


direct link

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NZ go "Never mind"

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