2015-04-04 : Actual Play: The Vengeful Demon of the Ring

In retrospect, it was always a sure thing that Meg would enlist a second adventurer player and play The Vengeful Demon of the Ring with me as demon player, wasn't it? The most hilarious thing is that it didn't occur to me even once that she might.

Tonight over dinner we were all talking about bluffing games - we played Coup - and about this idea of unwitting players, and she let slip that she had. She's declined to tell me anything about it except that she and the other adventurer won their three wishes and granted me my freedom, and that the game ended "oh about a week ago."

I'm pretty curious, but she's not obliged to tell. Otherwise, I can report that, for me, unwittingly playing the game was not unpleasant in any way at all. I'm glad to find out about it, and as the designer I'm tickled that they played it with me.

For all I know, they're playing it with me again, or somebody else is, or who knows what! My life is that much more playful than I knew it was.

1. On 2015-04-04, Meguey said:

The part where I said I would totally play that game should have tipped you off ;)

The most interesting part of playing this, for me, was trying to come up with the right combination of treasures and favors. Asking something too outlandish would have tipped my hand, so I spent a long time thinking of treasures that might match things I wanted before I asked for what I wanted. It was interesting and fun!


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This makes...
PB go "I wish I could like this whole entry."

2. On 2015-04-05, Marhault said:

Day: made.  Happy Easter, and thanks, Baker clan.


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