2016-05-31 : Fallen London Again

5 years later, I've taken to playing Fallen London again! I'm bored of hunting rats but indifferent to hunting sorrow-spiders. I'm brazenly* courting devils. I just had my first sojourn in the Tomb-colonies to amend my scandalous reputation.

Anybody else playing, again, or still?

* If you will.

1. On 2016-05-31, Ed Heil said:

The release of the iOS version tempted me back.  Advertising on The Allusionist podcast alerted me of it.

Started a new character since I hadn't played since about 2011.

My proudest achievement so far is romancing the Barbed Wit at the Shuttered Palace.  I have a weakness for Barbed Wits.


2. On 2016-05-31, Kit said:

I'm playing Sunless Sea, which is the same people, similar space, but not browser-based, and at sea, which I love.


3. On 2016-06-01, Gregor said:

I played Sunless Sea for a while, too. I immediatelly fell in love with the setting and fiction all over again but I got bored with it almost as quickly. Hard to say why.


4. On 2016-06-01, Vincent said:

I'm enjoying thinking about how Fallen London tricks my mind into building a narrative out of isolated touchpoints.


5. On 2016-06-01, Jesse said:

Yes.  I started fresh when the iOS version came out.  Although, I feel like I'm not making progress.  My Ambition appears to have disappeared and I'm kind of stuck in cycles of doing the same thing over and over.


6. On 2016-06-02, Vincent said:

The short story writing minigame is hilarious.


7. On 2016-06-05, Eli said:

In a similar vein, I'd highly recommend 80 days. Evocative and economical writing, clever game design. I'm still chewing on exactly what makes the mechanics successful, but the way the game uses a physical map to represent branching paths helps to mitigate some of the inherent tension between interactive fiction and nonlinear/open-world play. It works quite well!


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