2005-08-09 : The New Open House 1: Actual Play

Let's carry on a Forge tradition. What games a) have you played most recently; b) have you most enjoyed playing; and c) have you never played but you want to?

Two rules: One, list no more than three games in each category, no cheating or freebies, suck it up. Two, limit your replies to others' posts to marginalia.

I'll go first.

1. On 2005-08-09, Vincent said:

Played most recently: Polaris, Primetime Adventures, Ars Magica Freeform Thingy.
Most enjoyed, ever: Primetime Adventures, Ars Magica Freeform Thingy, Cyberpunk.
Want to play: the Shadow of Yesterday, the Last Supper, Bacchanal (I think...).


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This makes...
Paul go "Bacchanal?"*
BL go "Capes?"*
VB go "oopsie!"*

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2. On 2005-08-09, Tom said:

Played Most Recently:  D&D 3rd Ed., Amber/Nobilis crossover game, Heavy Gear

Most Enjoyed Ever:  D&D, Nobilis, Cyberpunk 2020

Want to Play:  Burning Wheel, Morrow Project, HeroQuest


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This makes...
VB go "Heavy Gear!"*
BL go "Heavy Gear!"*
TLR go "We're playing a mixed infantry/gear platoon on a "peacekeeping" mission."
WM go "Lovely setting"*
NInJ go "Heavy Gear: Paying Other People To Have Fun For You"*

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3. On 2005-08-09, Pol Jackson said:

Played most recently:  Arcana Evolved, Hogwarts (GURPS/freeform), Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Most enjoyed, ever:  Feng Shui, Ars Magica, Blackwell's Asylum (Amber/custom).
Want to play:  Dogs in the Vineyard, Primetime Adventures, Iron Heroes.


4. On 2005-08-09, Andrew Norris said:

Played Most Recently: FATE, Sorcerer, a crazy Amber homebrew.

Most Enjoyed Ever: FATE, Sorcerer, D&D. (Well, it was freeform, but we called it D&D. You know how that goes.)

Want to Play: Primetime Adventures, Trollbabe, Dogs in the Vineyard.


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This makes...
AN go "Homebrew"*

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5. On 2005-08-09, Jason L Blair said:

Played Most Recently:
Dogs in the Vineyard
Normal, Texas
new World of Darkness

Most enjoyed, ever:
Vampire: The Masquerade
Normal, Texas (this isn't shillin', this is true)
Cyberpunk 2020

Want to play:
The Shadow of Yesterday
Primetime Adventures
Unknown Armies


6. On 2005-08-09, Ben Lehman said:

Most Recent:

DR CHAOS—What if the world's most powerful supervillian was not a moron
Primetime Adventures

Most Enjoyed:
Primetime Adventures
Freeform Christian Allegory

Want to play:
Burning Wheel
Under the Bed
The Noble Fiends of Our Empire


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This reminds...
BL of The Noble Fiends of Our Empire

This makes...
MH go "Chaos? Allegory? Empire?"*
BL go "In short, no"*
CRN go "I know the secret of Chaos"*
BL go "Cheating"*
JP go "Empire Moves!"*

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7. On 2005-08-09, Clinton R. Nixon said:

Most recent (in reverse order - most recent first): The Shadow of Yesterday, Breaking the Ice, City of Brass

Most enjoyed: Dogs in the Vineyard, The Shadow of Yesterday, Trollbabe (God, I have to limit myself to three?)

Want to play: Primetime Adventures, Burning Wheel, Stranger Things


8. On 2005-08-09, anon. said:

Most recent:
Kabuki: The Shinano Matsuri and the Mask of Honor (homebrew larp)
National Society of Sifters (freeform sorta-larp)

Most Enjoyed:
Burning Wheel
Monkey Wrench
Snow White (parlor larp)

Want to Play:
The Mountain Witch
Prime Time Adventures


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This makes...
AA go "Doh! that's from Albert Andersen"*

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9. On 2005-08-09, Matthijs Holter said:

Most recent
The Shadow of Yesterday (pre-campaign setup)
Utfordringen (competitive storytelling IRC playtest)
Draug (ongoing campaign)

Most enjoyed
Itras By (Player)
Draug (GM)
Over the Edge (GM)

Want to play
Charles the Bald (my IGC entry, still not playtested with real people)


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This makes...
PB go "So you playtested with..."*
AD go "imaginary people!"
MH go "I'm every player, it's all in meeee..."*

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10. On 2005-08-09, Michael S. Miller said:

With Great Power...
My Life with Master
Buffy RPG (drifted to freeform)

With Great Power...
My Life with Master
Mage: The Ascension

PrimeTime Adventures
Breaking the Ice


11. On 2005-08-09, Eric Provost said:

Most Recent:  FH8, Dogs, D&D

Most Fun Ever:  Dogs, Mage, Shadowrun

Want to Play:  The Mountain Witch, Capes, Sorceror


12. On 2005-08-09, Yasha said:

Played most recently:
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Castles & Crusades

Most enjoyed, ever:
Sorcerer and Sword
Riddle of Steel

Want to play:
Dogs in the Vineyard
Stranger Things


13. On 2005-08-09, Sben said:

Recent:  our "tapas potluck gaming" series:  Godlike (one-shot), Unknown Armies (one-shot), Legend of the Five Rings (one-shot)

Enjoyed:  Nobilis, Ars Magica, AD&D (1e)

Want:  HeroQuest, Dogs in the Vinyard, Dying Earth


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This makes...
Sben go "Oh, if you count it ..."*

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14. On 2005-08-09, Jasper Polane said:

Most Recent: Primetime Adventures, Oog des Meesters (=dutch DSA)
Most Enjoyed: Primetime Adventures
Most Want: Dogs in the Vineyard, Trollbabe, Sorcerer


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This reminds...
JP of Actual play thread on the Forge

This makes...
XP go "Good old DSA"*
JP go "Old Adventures"*
XP go "Cool!"*

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15. On 2005-08-09, Thor Olavsrud said:

Most Recent: Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, With Great Power...

Most Enjoyed: Burning Wheel, HeroQuest, Dogs in the Vineyard

Want to Play: The Mountain Witch, Ganakagok, Mortal Coil


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This makes...
TO go "This gets harder and harder"*

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16. On 2005-08-09, Paul Tevis said:

Played most recently:
World of Darkness
Mage: The Awakening preview
Riddle of Steel

Most enjoyed:
Dogs in the Vineyard
Unknown Armies

Want to play:
Primetime Adventures
The Mountain Witch
The Shadow of Yesterday


17. On 2005-08-09, Neel said:

Most recently played: World of Kewlness, Exalted, Dogs in the Vineyard

Most enjoyed: Nobilis, Feng Shui, Jovian Chronicles.

Want to play: Transhuman space opera (Heroquest), Port Harcourt (modern day African petro-thriller, system undecided), "diceless" D&D (one player gets to make up all the numbers fot the DM and players)


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This makes...
AD go "transhuman space opera via HQ? cool!"

18. On 2005-08-09, Brand_Robins said:

Most recently played: Pagan Shore via HeroQuest, Exalted, Unknown Armies.

Most Enjoyed: Tribe 8, Unknown Armies, Dogs in the Vineyard

Want to Play: Age of Kali (Transhumanist fantasy), Burning Wheel, and Capes (I've run a demo, but I want a full out game).


19. On 2005-08-09, JasonN said:

Played Most Recently: streamlined Call of Cthulhu, TORG, homebrew sci-fi

Most Enjoyed: homebrew sci-fi, streamlined CoC

Want to Play: Ars Magica Freeform Thingy, DitV, Primetime Adventures


20. On 2005-08-09, Adam Dray said:

Most Recent: Verge, My Life with Master, D&D 3.5E

Most Enjoyed: D&D 2nd Ed., Cyberpunk 2020, Star Frontiers

Most Wanted: Dogs in the Vineyard, Prime Time Adventures, Verge


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This makes...
AD go "I *really* need to play more indie games"

21. On 2005-08-09, Nick Brooke said:

Most Recent: Dogs in the Vineyard, Call of Cthulhu, HeroQuest

Most Enjoyed: RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer

Most Wanted: Tekumel, Prime Time Adventures, Ars Magica


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This reminds...
BR of Old or new Warhammer?

This makes...
NB go "Old Warhammer"*

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22. On 2005-08-09, said:

Most Recent Stranger Things
Most Enjoyed Old School Gamma World
Most Wanted Dogs in the Vineyard


23. On 2005-08-09, Emily Care said:

Most Recent:Known World freeform, Dogs in the Vineyard, Exemplar.

Most Enjoyed:Known World freeform, Ars Magica improv system, Primetime Adventures.

Most Wanted:The Mountain Witch, The Shadow of Yesterday, The Last Supper.


24. On 2005-08-09, Jonas Karlsson said:

The order in each category is the most X first, then the second most and so on. Links are to session reports on my blog.

Most recently:
Dogs in the Vineyard
Dinner LARP - Cederschiold sisters

Most enjoyed:
A Baker/Care/Meguey-inspired collaborative Ars Magica campaign this spring
Wastelands (old Swedish post-apocalypse/alien-invasion game)

Most wanted:
Primetime Adventures
Legends of Alyria
Great Ork Gods


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This reminds...
JonasK of My thoughts on collaborative AM

This makes...
VB go "seriously?"*
JonasK go "Yes."*

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25. On 2005-08-09, Jasper McChesney said:

Most Recently: Trials of the Grail, Dogs in the Vineyard, Warhammer Fantasy (new edition)

Most Enjoyed: AD&D 2ed. (drifted a lot), my own Unknown Heroes...In Nomine? Hard to choose.

Most Wanted: The Mountain Witch, Conspiracy of Shadows, Sorcerer (everyone's intimidated by it!)


26. On 2005-08-10, Warren said:

Most Recent: Dogs in the Vineyard, My Life with Master & AD&D 3.5.

Most Enjoyed: Dogs in the Vineyard, Shadowrun, Freeform-drifted Vampire.

Most Wanted: Primetime Adventures, The Mountain Witch, Sorcerer.


27. On 2005-08-10, xenopulse said:

Most Recently: AD&D 2e, Freeform

Most Enjoyed: Freeform, DSA (hard to beat that first love), Shatterzone

Most Wanted: Dogs, PtA, Burning Wheel


28. On 2005-08-10, James said:

Most Recently: Riddle of Steel, Blood and Bronze, Polaris

Most Enjoyed: Dogs, Riddle, Amber diceless (long time back now...)

Most Wanted: PTA, InSpectres, Heresy: Kingdom Come. (Eric/Harlequin, slay your great white, damn it - I want a piece of his hide.)



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This makes...
BL go "Polaris?"*
JB go "Yes-ish"*
BL go "Oops!"*

*click in for more

29. On 2005-08-10, MylesC said:

Played most recently: HeroQuest, Great Orc Gods and Mutants & Masterminds.

Most Enjoyed: Amber, Over the Edge and Pendragon.

Most Want to Play: Dogs in the Vineyard, Trollbabe and Primetime Adventures.


30. On 2005-08-10, Kaare Berg said:

I've had some really kick ass play recently.

Played most recently: Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, Shadow of Yesterday Sci fi version

Most enjoyed: Dogs In the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, Shadow of Yesterday.

Most Want to Play: Somthing Strange, Sorcerer, Thug Life (friends idea for a GTA style game, system unspecified)


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This makes...
NInJ go "Aaaawesome!"*
Yoki go "Nice Kaare!"
Kaare go "Long live the forge"*

*click in for more

31. On 2005-08-10, GaryTP said:

Played most recently: DitV, CoUnaris,
Most enjoyed:  Prince Valiant, TORG, PARANOIA
Most Want to Play: Run Robot Red



32. On 2005-08-10, James Holloway said:

Most recent: Unknown Armies, Dogs in the Vineyard, Lexicon (does that count? If not, Primetime Adventures).

Most enjoyed: Unknown Armies, CoC/homebrew, DitV

Want to play: MLwM, HeroQuest as more than a one shot, dunno.


33. On 2005-08-10, Meguey said:

Most recent: Primetime Adventures, Polaris, Ars Magica Freeform Thingy

Most fun ever: Cyberpunk, InSpectres, Ars Magica Freeform Thingy (god, that last one was a wrestling match with DitV! (yes, that's probably technically cheating (sorry(ish))))

Want to play: Sedition!, Last Supper, Trollbabe


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This makes...
larry go "Plugging your spouse's game"*
MB go "Nahh..."*
CB go "Sedition!"*

*click in for more

34. On 2005-08-10, Tobias said:

Most Recent: Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, Schrodinger's War

Most Enjoyed: Universalis, V:TM, ...

Want to Play: Companion Fever, The Last Supper, PTA


35. On 2005-08-10, BrendanC said:

Most Recent: Capes, The Riddle of Steel, Dogs in the Vineyard

Most Enjoyed: Dogs in the Vineyard, D&D, D20 Modern

Want to Play: Lacuna, Polaris, Sorcerer


36. On 2005-08-10, joshua m. neff said:

Most Recent: Risus: Rough Magic, Spytastic! (modern-day spies using an adapted Spycraft setting and Adventure! rules), Dogs in the Vineyard.

Most Enjoyed: HeroQuest, Trollbabe, Sorcerer.

Want to Play: Stranger Things, Primetime Adventures, Burning Wheel.


37. On 2005-08-10, Martin Ralya said:

Most recently: D&D 3.5e, d20 Modern Stargate, Call of Cthulhu (although that's going back a year!).

Most enjoyed: Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Burning Wheel.

Want to play: Primetime Adventures, Aberrant (d10), WoD Werewolf.


38. On 2005-08-10, Brennan Taylor said:

Most Recent: Deadlands, Dogs in the Vineyard, Bulldogs!

Most Enjoyed: Dogs in the Vineyard, Mortal Coil (an unpublished game of mine), Legend of the Five Rings

Want to Play: Primetime Adventures, My Life with Master, A/State


direct link

This makes...
NInJ go "You gonna publish that bitch?"

39. On 2005-08-10, ricmadeira said:

Played Most Recently: Amber, Primetime Adventures, Heroquest

Most enjoyed, ever: Primetime Adventures (Matt Wilson is God!), Kult, Amber

Want to play: The Verge, The Mountain Witch, Capes

Ricardo -


direct link

This makes...
XP go "Go KULT!"*
MW go "best customer EVAR!"

*click in for more

40. On 2005-08-10, John Harper said:

Most Recent: Stranger Things, Magicians of England, Savage Worlds

Most Enjoyed: Primetime Adventures, Trollbabe, Feng Shui

Want to Play: Dogs in the Vineyard, The Mountain Witch, Polaris


41. On 2005-08-10, Chris said:

Most Recent::  Legend of the 5 Rings, Unknown Armies
Most Enjoyed::  Feng Shui, Riddle of Steel, octaNe
Want to Play::  Stranger Things, Iron Heroes, Sorcerer


42. On 2005-08-10, La Ludisto said:

Most Recent: ...World of Warcraft?  I played a third of a demo of Capes a month ago.  Um.  Crap.
Most Enjoyed: Changeling, Tribe 8
Want to Play: Anything, anything at all.  Most especially Dogs, Exalted, and Capes


direct link

This makes...
BR go "No most enjoyed for Mage?"

43. On 2005-08-10, Julie, aka jrs said:

Recent: Polaris, Dr Chaos, Primetime Adventures
Best: Primetime Adventures, The Mountain Witch, Hero Wars
Covet: Bacchanal, Dogs in the Vineyard, Trollbabe


44. On 2005-08-11, James Nostack said:

Recent: Alternity, The Shadow of Yesterday
Best: Alternity, The Shadow of Yesterday
Covet: Paladin, Sorcerer, Nobilis


45. On 2005-08-11, ScottM said:

Most Recently: Universalis, D&D:3.5e, Shadowrun
Most Enjoyed: Mage, AD&D (2e), Vampire
Most Wanted: FATE, Prime Time Adventures, Mage: The Awakening


46. On 2005-08-11, Chris Goodwin said:

Sadly, since I posted this list on the Forge on October 26, 2004, only one thing has changed, and it wasn't any of the items in Most Recent.

Most Recent:  Fantasy freeform, Fantasy Hero, Champions

Most Fun:  Robot Warriors, Amber, Champions

Most want to play:  Primetime Adventures, Dogs in the Vineyard, Buffy


47. On 2005-08-11, Matt Wilson said:

Most Recently: D&D, TSOY, Savage Worlds
Most Enjoyed: Primetime Adventures (it's the people, not the game, I swear), The Riddle of Steel, Deadlands
Most Wanted: Dogs (DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT), TSOY Reloaded, Stranger Things


48. On 2005-08-11, Per Fischer said:

Most Recent: The Shadow of Yesterday, Wushu, PrimeTime Adventures

Most Fun: Sorcerer, DitV, Storyteller(ish)

Most want to play: Mountain Witch, My Life With Master, Universalis


49. On 2005-08-11, Itiro said:

Most Recently: Nobilis, Godlike, Ars Magica
Most enjoyed, ever: Amber, Pendragon (free form), Cyberpunk 2020
Want to Play: Riddle of Steel, The Verge, Dogs in the Vineyard


50. On 2005-08-11, Trevis Martin said:

Most Recent: Vampire: The Requiem, Sorcerer, Universalis
Most Fun: Sorcerer, Theatrix, Falkenstein
Want to Play: TSOY, Dogs, Burning Wheel


51. On 2005-08-11, Matt Snyder said:

Last played:

Prime Time Adventures, D&D, HeroQuest

Most enjoyed playing:

HeroQuest, The Riddle of Steel, old D&D game

Most want to play:

The Shadow of Yesterday, The Mountain Witch, Sorcerer


52. On 2005-08-11, Jim Zoetewey said:

Last Played: Dogs in the Vineyard, Amber, A Diceless Magic Oriented Game w/o an Official Name

Most Enjoyed: Amber, Dogs in the Vineyard, Magus (a homebrewed game that has had a different rules system for each campaign)

Most Want to Play: The game I'm working on right now.


53. On 2005-08-12, Ginger Stampley said:

Last played: Dogs, Amber/Amberway, PTA

Most enjoyed: Dogs & Amber (third is a tossup between several very fun games)

Most want to play: With Great Power, Nobilis, my friend's proposed Star Wars/Everway crossover


54. On 2005-08-12, GB Steve said:

Last played: Enemy Gods, Dogs in the Vineyard, Vampire

Most enjoyed: My Life with Master, Call of Cthulhu, A systemless modern magic game I ran for two players for about 20 sessions 10 years ago

Most want to play: StarDrakkar (a French game about Space Vikings on the borders of a Star Trek like Utopia), Polaris (not the French submarine game), Mountain Witch


55. On 2005-08-12, T. said:

Most Recently
Marvel Superheroes Advanced (Classic Universal Chart System)
Dungeons and Dragons (Moldvay Basic Set, Elf Class)

Most Enjoyed:
Marvel Superheroes.

Most Want to play:
OVA, Shadowrun 4, Tunnels and Trolls 7, Savage Worlds


direct link

This makes...
NInJ go "World record!"*
BL go "I love MSH!"*
T. go ""*

*click in for more

56. On 2005-08-12, Sacha said:

Most recent: RuneQuest, MERP, Inspectres

Most Enjoyed: RuneQuest, Vampire: The Masquerade, Pendragon

Most wanted: Nobilis, My Life With Master, Riddle of Steel


57. On 2005-08-12, Drew / rrr said:

Most Recent:  Exalted, Curious Pastimes(large UK LARP) Dogs in the Vineyard

Most Enjoyed: Vampire:TM, Curious Pastimes, AD&D 2ed.

Most looking forward to:  Burning Wheel, GunFest (small UK LARP), Mountain Witch


58. On 2005-08-13, TonyI said:

Most Recent: Shoujo Story, Prime Time Adventures, Pony Hello

Most Enjoyed: L5R, Universalis, D&D

Most looking forward to: Mountain Witch, Capes, With Great Power...


59. On 2005-08-14, Michael Curry said:

Played most recently:  Dogs in the Vineyard, D&D 3.5

Most enjoyed, ever:  Feng Shui, Call of Cthulhu, Amber

Want to play:  Primetime Adventures, HeroQuest/Questworlds, non-playtest Mountain Witch


60. On 2005-08-14, McWieg said:

Most Recent: D&D 3.5, AD&D 2nd Edition, Vampire: the Requiem (demo)

Most Enjoyed Ever: Little Fears, FUDGE (used to run a one-shot based on the TV show "G vs. E"), Mage: The Ascension 2nd Edition

Most Wanted: The Riddle of Steel, Mage: The Awakening, newest edition of Metamorphosis Alpha



61. On 2005-08-14, Jeff Rients said:

Most Recently Played:  D&D 3.5, Mutants & Mastermings, Feng Shui

Most Enjoyed: D&D (various incarnations), Call of Cthulhu, Champions

Want to Play: Extreme Vengeance, World of Synnibarr, SenZar


62. On 2005-08-15, Joe Porrett said:

Most Recently Played: Dogs in the Vineyard, Primetime Adventures, Usagi Yojimbo (Gold Rush Games)

Most Enjoyed: Dogs in the Vineyard, Amber, Talislanta

Want to Play: My Life With Master, Stranger Things, Usagi Yojimbo (Sanguine Productions)


direct link

This makes...
NInJ go "Usagi Yojimbo is half good"*

*click in for more

63. On 2005-08-15, Merten said:

Most Recently Played: Fading Suns, Vampire: The Requiem, homebrew one-shot

Most Enjoyed: H??rn, various homebrewn one-shots, Fading Suns

Want to Play: Nobilis, homebrews with unique settings, H??rn


64. On 2005-08-15, kesher said:

Most recently played: Polaris; Tunnels & Trolls; My Life with Master

Most enjoyed (ever!): Polaris; Free-form All Flesh Must Be Eaten; My Life with Master.

Want to play: HeroQuest; Stranger Things; The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game


direct link

This makes...
larry go "I want to play Dungeonkind"

65. On 2005-08-15, Ninja Monkey J said:

Most Recent Prime Time Adventures, Under The Bed, Planescape D&D 3.5 conversion.

Most Enjoyed Freeform modern magic with my buds in high school, Dogs in the Vineyard, Primetime Adventures.

Want to Play Ganokagok, TSoY, Polaris

Jebus, Vincent, three?


direct link

This makes...
NInJ go "I'm a big cheater!"*

*click in for more

66. On 2005-08-16, KingstonC said:

Most Recent: The Shadow of Yesterday, Prime Time Adventures, Deadlands

Most Enjoyed: The Shadow of Yesterday, Unknown Armies, Gamist Drifted 2nd Ed. AD&D (no time like the first time)

Want to Play: Sorcerer, Dogs in the Vineyard, Heroquest


67. On 2005-08-16, Larry said:

Most recent: Capes, Universalis, Dead Souls
Most enjoyed: Polaris, Capes, My Life with Master
Want to play: Breaking the Ice, Bacchanal, Bang Hot Goth Chicks


direct link

This makes...
larry go "realistically, i want to play..."*
larry go "Oops, forgot about..."*

*click in for more

68. On 2005-08-17, Yoki said:

Most Recent:
1. The Riddle of Steel
2. Primetime Adventures

Most Enjoyed:
2. The Riddle of Steel
3. Primetime Adventures

Want to Play:
1. Dogs in the Vineyard
2. Sorcerer
3. Dust Devils


69. On 2005-08-18, droog said:

Most recent:
Dogs in the Vineyard
d20 Star Wars

Most enjoyed:
Villains & Vigilantes

Never played but want to:
Primetime Adventures
My Life with Master


70. On 2005-08-18, Jonas Barka said:

Played most recently: Werewolf with some rules experimentation
Most enjoyed, ever: Orpheus, Viljan (experimental larp)
Want to play: Over the Edge


direct link

This makes...
rw go "Orpheus is one of the things I've most enjoyed running before"

71. On 2005-08-19, Victor Gijsbers said:

Most recently:
Nobilis/freeform (forum-based)

Most enjoyed:
My Life with Master

Want to play:
The Mountain Witch
Dogs in the Vineyard
PrimeTime Adventures


72. On 2005-08-19, Alan Neill said:

Played Most Recently: WHFRPG, Riddle of Steel, D&D

Most Enjoyed Ever: Sorceror, MLWM, Judge Dredd (GW Edition)

Want to Play: DitV, Soap, Rune


73. On 2005-08-25, rafial said:

Played Most Recently: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2, Stranger Things, Mutants & Masterminds

Most Enjoyed Ever: Trollbabe, Champions, Traveller

Want to Play: DitV, FATE, With Great Power


74. On 2005-09-04, A.Fox said:

I never really comment here, but this seems fun...

Recently played:  Fading Suns, Rules-light White Wolf Dark Ages, D&D

Most Enjoyed: Nobilis, Toon, Werewolf the Apocolypse LARP

Want to play:  Polaris, Universalis, DitV (in person... I've played a little bit through a forum, but it's not the same)

Most enjoyed suffix: -is... I need to try Ars Magicis...


75. On 2005-09-11, Halzebier said:

Most recently: The Pool, DSA (German), D&D 3.5

Most enjoyed: Rolemaster, DSA, The Pool

Want to play: Fastlane, PTA, MLwM


76. On 2005-09-12, Sydney Freedberg said:

Most recently: Capes, My Life With Master, GroupDesign: Schrodinger's War (PBEM playtest of Tobias op de Brouw's verison)

Most enjoyed ever: Capes, D&D drifted to cyberpunk, and Dogs in the Vineyard

Most want to play: Trollbabe, Polaris, Primetime Adventures


77. On 2005-09-12, Roger Eberhart said:

Most recently: My Life With Master, Savage Worlds, D&D 3rd edition
Most enjoyed ever: Savage Worlds, TORG, Champions
Want to play: Dogs in the Vineyard, TSOY, Mountain Witch


78. On 2005-09-12, Kevin Heckman said:

Most recently:  Dogs in the Vineyard, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer 2nd ed.
Most enjoyed ever:  Call of Cthulhu, Riddle of Steel, GURPS
Want to play:  Riddle of Steel, My Life With Master, Primetime Adventures


79. On 2005-09-13, Chris said:

Most recently: Iron Heroes, Unknown Armies, Stranger Things
Most enjoyed ever: Feng Shui, octaNe, Riddle of Steel
Want to Play: Polaris, Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel


80. On 2005-09-14, Jason Morningstar said:

Most recently: The Mountain Witch, Prime Time Adventures, FH8

Most enjoyed ever: Cherished "1D6 decides all" homebrew, FUDGE Elctropunk homebrew, Icelandic sagas homebrew

Want to Play:  Shab-al-Hiri Roach, Polaris, Ganokagok


81. On 2005-09-16, Collin M. Trail said:

Most recently: Ars Magica, Insylum, Dogs in the Vineyard

Most enjoyed ever: Vampire; the Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu, Dogs in the Vineyard

Want to Play: Prime Time Adventures, The Mountain Witch


82. On 2005-09-26, Iskander said:

This last week: Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, kill puppies for satan.
Bestestest ever: The Shadow of Yesterday (homebrew oriental one-shot), Over the Edge, RIFTS [all three due mostly to excellent GM-ing, IMO, with little system support]
Gimme, gimme: Sorcerer, Shab-al-Hiri Roach, Primetime Adventures


direct link

This makes...
NinJ go "Really? In TSoY?..."*
Isk go "One-shot wonder!"*
SF go "A thread on the Forge...?"*
Isk go "Yes!"*

*click in for more

83. On 2005-10-09, TonyPace said:

On Friday: Our freeform cyberpunk game.
Top Performers: Abberrant 'VS. the Space Nazis'. Amber 'Throne War'. Dark Sun 'Rat Bastards'. Cyberpunk 'Great Escape'. All of these except Abberrant were tense, competitive one shots.
Want to Play: My Life with Master, Dogs in the Vineyard, Capes


84. On 2005-10-19, IMAGinES said:

Does "playing" include character creation? For the purpose of this thread, I'll assume not. So:

Played most recently: Star Wars D20, Paranoia XP, Heavy Gear 2nd Ed.
Most enjoyed, ever: Heavy Gear 2nd Ed. (first campaign I ever ran past Session 1), Paranoia XP (one-shot, but what a one-shot), ALIENS (yeah, the Leading Edge one, believe it or not).
Want to play: Primetime Adventures, Dogs in the Vineyard, Starship Troopers


85. On 2005-10-24, Drozdal said:

Recently: Burning Wheel, Dust Devils, Inspecters
The Best of the Best: Burning Wheel, Heroquest, DitV
Most Anticipated: The Shab-al-Hiri Roach, Sorcerer and Sword, Ganakagok


direct link

This makes...
VB go "Hey Dro!"*
JK go "Sorcerer and Sword? Got Mu?"
Isk go "You, me Thor, roaches"*

*click in for more

86. On 2005-11-01, Blackberry said:

Most recent: HERO, Burning Wheel, Changeling
Most enjoyed: HERO, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars D6
Most anticipated: Dogs in the Vineyard, Truth & Justice, Warhammer 2nd


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