2006-06-12 : New Mechaton dice rules

Check these:


If you're rolling any green dice, you get to pass through cover - fly over it, climb over it, jump over it, whatever. If you're rolling no green dice, you have to go around it.

Same rule, different words: if you have any movement attachments, you can stand in or pass through a hex with cover. If you don't, you can't.


Declare your spotting target when you declare your shooting target, before you roll dice.

Spotting happens after shooting - you can't spot for your own shot. (I'm willing to reconsider this, but only in light of people actually playing the other way and having actual fun. Don't try to change my mind without that to back you up.)

Put your spotting die out next to your spotting target, subtracting 1 first. Spotting is like armor: you subtract 1.

If your spotting target already has a spot die next to it, discard the lower.

Shooting a spotted target:
When you hit a target with a spot die - that is, when your attack roll beats its defense by at least 1 - you get to decide whether to use the spot. If you do, remove it from the table; if you don't, leave it there for the next person.

If you use the spot, roll a number of damage dice equal to the spot die, not equal to the difference between your attack and your target's defense.

Scenario 1:
Defense - 5
Spot - 4
Attack - 6
Attacker uses the spot? 4 damage dice, the spot goes away.
Attacker doesn't use the spot? 1 damage die, the spot stays.

Scenario 2:
Defense - 1
Spot - 4
Attack - 6
Attacker uses the spot? 4 damage dice, the spot goes away.
Attacker doesn't use the spot? 5 damage dice, the spot stays.

In effect, spotting turns any hit into a solid hit.

1. On 2006-06-12, misuba said:

So, just for perfect clarity for doofs like me: a unit can either spot or shoot on a given turn?


2. On 2006-06-12, Vincent said:

A unit can both spot and shoot in a given turn!

However, if you spot, you're spotting for some future shooter, not for yourself.


3. On 2006-06-12, misuba said:

Ah, okay. (I look forward to having the complete, up-to-date rules in one place!)


4. On 2006-06-12, Vincent said:

You and me both!


5. On 2006-06-12, NinJ said:

I think we have to test those Yellow rules. They could be awesome.

I love Yellows.

As for Greens, I dunno. That's a lot of jumping over stuff. I guess it encourages dynamic play instead of hiding behind things, and leaping over shit to get into HtH.

So you can get a green for having crawly legs? I didn't want my Fuchis to have Greens (I don't think they did) but they were crawly for getting over stuff (and each other). What about tractor treads? Good for going over stuff, but not for going fast. Or a grappling hook.

How about, if you've got such a device, it counts as a die and grants climb-over-itness but doesn't give you any real dice?

"Die" is getting really abstract here.


6. On 2006-06-12, Vincent said:

Well, here are the three possible rules:

1) Anybody can pass through terrain whenever they want, or else nobody can ever pass through terrain.

That totally counts as one possible rule. The "not really a contender" rule.

2) Passing through terrain = exposed, as for flying. Climbing over, flying, whatever, all = exposed. When you pass through terrain during your turn, damage hurts on a 5 or 6.

3) Some mechs can pass through terrain, some can't. The only possible reasonable kind of mechs who can and can't are mechs with and without green dice, that's obvious.

Since the green d8 would totally count (its purpose is to let you cover ground, after all), your fuchis obeyed rule 1 and rule 3. They didn't obey rule 2.

Crawler treads and skis and swim fins and grappling hooks all give green dice, no matter what the terrain. That's integral to the original vision. If you think that having swim fins shouldn't help your mechs in a smashed-up-city environment, don't build mechs with swim fins!

Oh and in general, having 4 legs is worth a green die. Taking it is optional, just like you can have a gun on your mech for show if you want, so your fuchis are fine without it, but in general it is.


direct link

This makes...
NinJ go "Four legs good."*

*click in for more

7. On 2006-06-12, Ninja Monkey J said:

The sole problem with the 5/6 hit rule is remembering when it qualifies. Sometimes it was obvious (a guy is flying or standing on a wall), sometimes not (did I cross over that wall to get here last turn? I don't remember). Which is lame. I knew I was forgetting sometimes, but I couldn't remember when. I was avoiding climbing stuff to not get the penalty, but then I was forgetting to take it when I'd taken the short route, I think.


8. On 2006-06-13, Adam B said:

Ok, that there yellow dice rule looks awesome. Suddenly I can't wait to play again!


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