2008-06-17 : Cordelia's Dad followup

It turns out that I never told you about the coolest thing from Cordelia's Dad's acoustic set. I thought I had, but no! Anyway it doesn't matter. Now you can see it for yourself: Tim Eriksen: Fiddlesticks on Mt. Pollux.

(Stay through the credits.)

1. On 2008-06-17, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Hey, Vincent. Thanks for blogging about Cordelia's Dad and Time Eriksen. Because of your writing, I now own three albums by Cordelia's Dad and both of Eriksen's solo albums. It's really good stuff!


2. On 2008-06-17, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

>Time Eriksen

Sigh. Apparently I can neither spell or proofread.


3. On 2008-06-18, Ben Lehman said:



4. On 2008-06-18, Julie, aka jrs said:

I just spent a mess of money on cd's.


5. On 2008-06-18, Julie, aka jrs said:

... and I have to add that CD Baby (which I'd never heard of until today) sends the most awesome automatic confirmation/shipping emails.


6. On 2008-06-20, Joshua said:

Both Cordelia's Dad and CD Baby are great!

There's a Cordelia's Dad song about my home, even, Narragansett Bay. It's very sad.


7. On 2008-06-20, Vincent said:

I always warn Meg I'm about to sing that one. "Hey Meg I'm about to sing the saddest song ever, okay?"

She's usually like, "no, not today. Too sad." So I don't.


8. On 2008-06-20, Arturo G. said:

I love this kind of music. BTW, what does exactly mean "fiddlesticks"? I have read it in some contexts that make me think I'm missing some connotation.


9. On 2008-06-23, Vincent said:

It's a very, very soft swear, not much worse than "oops" or "ouch," so I mean SERIOUSLY soft. It's also quite old-timey; it's the kind of swear your Baptist great-grandmother would have used.

Absent context, it just means "nonsense," but since it's a swear, in action it covers a lot of territory.

"oh fiddlesticks that hurts" = "oh fuck that hurts"
"fiddlesticks to you" = "eat shit and die"
"fiddlesticks!" = "that's bullshit!"


10. On 2008-06-23, Ben Lehman said:

Also, the instrument being played is a fiddle, and the sticks being used to whack it would this be "fiddlesticks."



11. On 2008-06-24, Arturo G. said:

I got the relationship with the musical instruments when I watched the video. It was a little surprise for me that it was so "literal". But I knew there was something more not related to music. Thanks to both of you!


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