2013-12-10 : Some Basic Rules (ii)

Next, stats.

Possible stats
- Breadth of Experience
- Determination, Patience & Endurance
- Discipline & Training
- Fearlessness
- Flexibility of Mind
- Literacy & Education
- Perception & Attention
- Raw Physical Power
- Social Graces

If the GM tells you to roll a stat you don't have, roll at -1.

More to come. All subject to change.

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1. On 2013-12-10, bothros said:

Hey, tried this game tonight, since our AW game had finished up. We made up rules where we didn't know them yet, our character sheets are here: (hope that's public). We interpreted the rules as being for a G Gundam inspired motorcycle race. Fights did not work at all with the Offensive and Defensive actions we had chosen. Flinch was a lot of fun, though.


2. On 2013-12-10, bothros said:

That link should be: this.


3. On 2013-12-11, Vincent said:

Bothros! Awesome!


4. On 2013-12-15, Vincent said:

I thought I'd be able to do more in this thread, but I find that I need to wait for certain other developments to bear out. Soon!


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