2014-08-26 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: Battle Moves

Today's preview is a doozy! It's the game's mass combat rules.

This set of moves is from the point of view of the leader of the company, the general or the war-captain. It condenses minutes or an hour or more of action on the field into a couple of rolls and decisions.

The goal of these moves is: 5 minutes later at the table, your war companies have met, struck, and forced each other into new positions in the world. Maybe one's won and one's lost, or maybe it'll take a couple more exchanges to come to that conclusion, but either way, one's winning and one's losing. There are new irrevocable decisions to make.

There's a stuck-on move for PCs in the war company, but the view these moves take is that if you're a soldier, you're caught in the sweep of the battle. It develops beyond your ability to direct it.

Oh and here's a departure: if your enemy war-captain is an NPC, the MC rolls dice!

Ultimately, these rules will take up I dunno 20 pages in the game book. Here they are in 1 page. Do your best to work through them and I'm happy to answer questions about them as always.

Click for the PDF:

AW:Dark Age: Battle Moves

2014-08-25 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: the Castellan

I made this preview PDF sometime last week, and it's already slightly out of date, but it'll do:

AW:Dark Age: the Castellan

The playtest release is still coming this weekend!

2014-08-22 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: a War Company

I guess I'm continuing in the war theme. Click for the PDF.

AW:Dark Age: a War Company

Questions, comments, observations welcome, as always.

2014-08-21 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: Rights of War

Here are the Rights of War. Click for PDF!

AW:Dark Age: Rights of War

Questions, comments, observations welcome!

2014-08-20 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: the Troll-killer

Here's what the Troll-killer looks like now. Click for PDF:

AW:Dark Age: the Troll-killer

The full playtest document is still on track for August 31. If you'd like to formally register your interest, sign up here with your email address:

Questions, comments, observations welcome!

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