2016-05-31 : Fallen London Again

5 years later, I've taken to playing Fallen London again! I'm bored of hunting rats but indifferent to hunting sorrow-spiders. I'm brazenly* courting devils. I just had my first sojourn in the Tomb-colonies to amend my scandalous reputation.

Anybody else playing, again, or still?

* If you will.

2016-04-26 : A Quick & Dirty Outline

Meg and I gave a talk at a college con recently, and I thought I'd share our quick & dirty outline.

Topic 1: Why Create?
• Why a new game?
• Why a new roleplaying game?
• Why a new fantasy roleplaying game?
I know you have answers to these questions or you wouldn't be creating a new fantasy RPG.
• Your three insights.

Topic 2: RPGs are Games
• Games have objects.
• What do you do?
• The game is the tension between them.
How do you achieve the object of the game, using the moves of the game?

Topic 3: RPGs are Unusual Games
• The purpose of an rpg's rules is to get you and your friends to say something interesting.
• When you create an rpg's rules, you create a bell curve of experiences.
• What-if yourself out of conventionality.

Topic 4: Writing
• Hack what you like to make what you love.
• Explain your game, not RPGs. (RPGs are not one game.)
• Kill your darlings.

Topic 5: Publishing
• Don't go broke, publish yourself.
• Compete where they're weak.
• "It takes 20 years to make an overnight success."

Questions and observations always welcome!

2015-12-21 : AW:Fallen Empires

Now on my Patreon: Apocalypse World: Fallen Empires.

The Bonepicker
When you’re lying in the dust of fallen empires guts aspilled, for whom do you pray? The gods? This is their doing, all of it. Your bold comrades? If you could rely on them you wouldn’t be here. Your precious old mother? She’s a darling but what will she do for you but weep and mourn. No, you pray for death’s gray bird, a bonepicker, to lay a hand upon you, and the cauter, and to tell you whether you will live or die...

2015-11-11 : Playing Nature's Year

Meg's running a Kickstarter for her new book, Playing Nature's Year. It's eight short seasonal wishing, fortunetelling, and storytelling games, plus essays for each.

Check it out!

Playing Nature's Year

Video here: Playing Nature's Year - Video Update!

2015-10-29 : Freebooting Venus Playtest Document

Hey, I'm releasing a playtest document for Freebooting Venus! Sign up and get the document here:
Freebooting Venus - Playtest 1

Questions and observations welcome as always.

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