2014-12-08 : Countdown

Give me a 20.

It's not for AW:Dark Age. All this time I was working on the Dark Age, I was also inevitably working on its mirror image game, unknowingly. Then I read this Clark Ashton Smith short story early in WoShoStoReMo and you remember those magic picture books from the 80s? Where suddenly your eyes snap into the right out-of-focus and you can see the magic picture in 3D? That's exactly what happened to me.

Anyhow, first look in 20 days!


2014-11-02 : testing


2014-10-06 : Recently...

Watched (TV):
Beyond Survival.
Gravity Falls.
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.
Peaky Blinders.
Looking forward to:
Alpha House season 2.

Watched (movies):
Into the Woods (American Playhouse production with Bernadette Peters).
Killing Them Softly.
The Sacrament.
Looking forward to:
Monsters 2.

Salen & Zimmerman, Rules of Play.
A bunch of old anyway posts.
Looking forward to:
The next issue of Worlds Without Master.

Looking forward to:
Maybe some more short stories? That sounds fun.

Dungeon of the Frog God!
Love Letter.
Looking forward to:
Tower of the Storm Queen! Also, Deep in the Haunted Wood! After that, Space Station Mayhem!

Anybody have any recommendations?

2014-09-29 : AW:Dark Age: Conclusions from the First Playtest

Over in the Ecretsay Orumfay, I've posted my conclusions from the first playtest.

I'm not drawing the playtest to a close yet, so if you'd still like to give the game a try, you may. But I'm no longer actively seeking playtesting.

Thanks, everybody! The way forward is clear, though the ultimate outcome is not.

2014-09-01 : AW:Dark Age First Playtest

The first playtest document for the Dark Age is ready and available. To get it, log in or sign up at

I can answer general questions here, but Meg and I would like to conduct the bulk of the playtesting on G+ and over at the Ecretsay Orumfay. Whichever you prefer, we'll see you there!

2014-08-30 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: Peoples

2014-08-26 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: Battle Moves

2014-08-25 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: the Castellan

2014-08-22 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: a War Company

2014-08-21 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: Rights of War

2014-08-20 : AW:Dark Age playtest preview: the Troll-killer

2014-08-18 : AW:Dark Age: 2 to go

2014-07-27 : The Days are Few and Busy

2014-07-25 : RPGs Have Objects, Q&A

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