2014-12-28 : Freebooting Venus - First Look

A hundred million years ago, Venus was not the toxic hell that it is today. It was a world green and blue, alive, Terra's sister. Freebooting Venus is fun, freewheeling fantasy adventure on this ancient and marvelous world.

I'm running internal playtests now, and while the game isn't ready for external playtesting, I do want to give you a first look, if you're interested.

Freebooting Venus - First Look

2014-12-22 : #IndieRPGbiz

Copied over from Twitter

Dec 20
0. I feel a stirring, a renewal of purpose and hope, in the earth deep under my indie feet. This is bad news. It means fighting.

1. Most people who cry "mutualism!" just want you to cut them in. Find the real mutualism. It's powerful but not always obvious.

2. Always learn and understand the business interests of the people you join up with, so you know whether you can trust them.

3. Established game lines want you to challenge them on production and promotion, so that they will win.

4. Challenge established game lines on gameplay instead. A better game, in plain text, can win players away, no matter how fancy.

5. Real mutualism is predicated on the business autonomy of all parties.

6. When you create your first game, you're like a band starting out. Build a local fanbase, an internet fanbase.

7. It's the clamor of your fans that gets your games into game stores, so cultivate your fans first and foremost.

8. Having a standing body of work is great. It softens many blows. I recommend it! But nobody starts out with one.

9. A fan is better for your business than a customer, and a colleague is better for your business than a fan. This is mutualism.

2014-12-08 : Countdown

Give me a 20.

It's not for AW:Dark Age. All this time I was working on the Dark Age, I was also inevitably working on its mirror image game, unknowingly. Then I read this Clark Ashton Smith short story early in WoShoStoReMo and you remember those magic picture books from the 80s? Where suddenly your eyes snap into the right out-of-focus and you can see the magic picture in 3D? That's exactly what happened to me.

Anyhow, first look in 20 days!

 20     19     18     17 
 16     15     14     13 
 12     11     10     9 
 8     7     6     5     4 
 3     2     1     0! 

2014-11-02 : testing


2014-10-06 : Recently...

Watched (TV):
Beyond Survival.
Gravity Falls.
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.
Peaky Blinders.
Looking forward to:
Alpha House season 2.

Watched (movies):
Into the Woods (American Playhouse production with Bernadette Peters).
Killing Them Softly.
The Sacrament.
Looking forward to:
Monsters 2.

Salen & Zimmerman, Rules of Play.
A bunch of old anyway posts.
Looking forward to:
The next issue of Worlds Without Master.

Looking forward to:
Maybe some more short stories? That sounds fun.

Dungeon of the Frog God!
Love Letter.
Looking forward to:
Tower of the Storm Queen! Also, Deep in the Haunted Wood! After that, Space Station Mayhem!

Anybody have any recommendations?

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