Ground Rules

Ground Rule 1: Reduce or drop your patronage any time, no questions asked.

I’ll cheerfully assume that you have good reasons, and that they aren’t my business. This is what I always assume about everybody anyway.

I know that a lot of you are just trying this thing out, to see how it works and what you’ll get out of it. If you find that it’s not worth your money after all, for goodness sake, drop it.

Ground Rule 2: Treat each other well.

You’re all my guests. It’s your responsibility while you’re here to treat your fellow guests well.

I don’t foresee much trouble, but if it comes to it I’ll ask you to take your conversation somewhere else.

Ground Rule 3: If you want to build on my ideas, please do.

If you want to use my words, you need my permission. Ask! I basically always say yes.

If you want to build on my ideas, you don’t need my permission, but it’s proper for you to credit me. It can be as simple as “this part of my game is based on unpublished work by Vincent Baker.”

I love to hear about it when people use my ideas, so always feel free to let me know.

Admin & Technical

If you have any administrative or technical questions about this forum, or feature requests, feel free to ask. Just click to start a conversation over there to the right.

Oh, if you spot a bug, please report it here too.

Thanks, everyone! I’m glad you’re here.

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Topic: Apocalypse World: Dark Age
Started by Fluttermind on 2018-10-25
2 replies by Vincent, Fluttermind.
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Topic: Error reporting on new posts (technical griping)
Started by antisinecurist on 2015-08-18
1 reply by Vincent.
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