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You can find Alex Norris at Poor Impulse Control.
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I wrote a couple of Dungeon World playbooks once.

You can find blinks at Adam Blinkinsop.
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Code, music, games: build and play.

You can find caitiecat at caitlynn belle dot com.
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I design games, read minds, and eat lettuce

You can find Comeau at wowie look at all this trash.
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i played Apocalypse World once and now i kitbash things into existence.

You can find CraigM at Craig Maloney.
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Just another Linux hacker.

You can find davidepignedoli at
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game design noob

You can find dorward at The Core Worlds.
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Gamer of many years. Would like more hours in the day (or to not have the need to sleep).

You can find downwithpeople at I Eat The Poison.
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i kill everything i fuck i fuck everything i kill

You can find drhayes at drhayes.
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I'm really bad at this kind of thing.

You can find edige23 at Age of Ravens.
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Blogger and podcaster. Mostly a gamer.

You can find emilycare at Black & Green Games.
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Into indie.

You can find Jimmy at Skepnad Studios.
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You can find John V at Machine Planet Press.
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Screenwriter, painter, game design enthusiast.

You can find Joshua A.C. Newman at xenoglyph.
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Designer of Shock:Social Science Fiction and Human Contact, co-designer of Mobile Frame Zero, publisher of, oh, I dunno, a lot of things by now.

You can find Junebug at radical town.
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trans, non-denominational communist, indie game designer, she/her

You can find Mike at NerdLouisville.
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Into games.

You can find misuba at Gibberish.
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I am the guy you've heard about who theorizes about games but doesn't play them

You can find mrbrianpaul at Dorks In Dungeons.
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Chemical Engineer by day, Improv Comic by night, Gamer by even later night.

You can find nachovega at Omnicritical .
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Translator (English>Spanish) Cultural Studies and literature researcher

You can find Obscure at Spewage Pipe.
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A biochemist and an armchair game designer, doing nothing that I can ever hope to monetize.

You can find Paul Czege at Half Meme Press.
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Designer of My Life with Master and The Clay That Woke. Winner of the Diana Jones Award.

You can find Phil Lewis at Ziapelta Games.
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Boardgames that feel like role-playing games and role-playing games that feel like boardgames.

You can find Phil Vecchione at Encoded Designs.
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Writer/Blogger/Podcaster. Author of Never Unprepared and other GMing text. Making the jump into game design.

You can find Rob Deobald at Thac0s at Midnight.
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Plays a wide variety of games. Blogs about them sometimes. Organizer for the Toronto Area Gamers ( gaming community.

You can find Roshirai at @Roshirai on Twitter.
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Game developer. Used to build massively multiplayer online games for SEGA of America. Now builds moderately multiplayer offline games for himself.

You can find Ry at Back when it didn't suck.
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Trying to write AWAKE

You can find Thomas D at denagh design.
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I'm a graphic designer that does book layout. I live in the middle of a spooky forest.

You can find Tiger at
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You can find Urs at Anathema.
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Creator of the Anathema toolkit for White Wolf's Exalted.

You can find Vincent at anyway.
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Proprietor of lumpley games and of this very website. Creator of a bunch of tabletop games, mostly rpgs.

You can find YakovPettersson at
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Currently working on FitD hack eye of Posiedon and doing AP content.