Apocalypse World: Landfall Marine

Landfall Marine
AW2E: Landfall Marine

50 years ago, the enemies of humanity unleashed a psychic weapon that destroyed all hope for the future. Anticipating the attack and its outcome, a clandestine military project rushed to evacuate Earth. They built secret orbital stations and expanded the hidden Mars base into a functional colony. Their grandchildren - you - grew up dreaming of blue skies and blue seas that no longer exist.

Today, the mission to reclaim Earth begins.

The landfall marine has access to the most powerful weapon system in Apocalypse World, but is caught in a struggle between assimilation and the horrifying and violent mission to reclaim the world for their superiors. Warning: whichever way this plays out, if anybody’s playing a landfall marine, the reclamation mission will be an unignorable central feature of your game.

This file includes:

  • The landfall marine playbook, a human update of the 1st Ed space marine mammal, which turned out just great;
  • Supplemental: Walkingsuit, rules and moves for a jeep-sized mechanized weapon platform; and
  • Supplemental: Reclamation, threats, guidance, and MC moves for creating the mission to reclaim Earth.

This last is a new thing for Apocalypse World, and I'm pretty excited about it. Check it out!

Installment 2017-07-30


Topic: Nice!
Started by lglindhardt on 2017-07-30
5 replies by Vincent, Joao, dheeney.
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Topic: Adapting AW (and other PbtA games) for forum play

On 2017-07-30, Metal Fatigue wrote:

It seems as though PbtA games often fall flat in play-by-post because of pacing issues. AW and similar games push an energetic conversation between players (counting the MC as a player here), but in forum play, a sentence or two barely constitutes a unit of play and might not get a timely reply. More often, play-by-post looks like an exchange of soliloquies, or else blue-book passing. Do you think there's a way to adapt the pace of the game so that the MC and other players don't get locked out of making moves when moves are appropriate (especially the MC's threat moves)?

On 2017-07-30, Vincent wrote:

I don't know! I don't have any experience with it myself.

Anybody else?

On 2017-07-31, William wrote:

I've done this a couple of times. Sometimes it works, sometimes it really doesn't. As with everything, the group dynamic helps determine that. 

Some ideas: Get buy in both on how long the bits will be (recommendation: a couple hundred words at max), and that each bit will end setting up someone else, or dovetailing into a move. If characters aren't in a primary scene, let other players open up a color RP scene.

ask questions like crazy. like more questions than you ever have.

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